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Calabash Safaris Namibia specialises in guided 4x4 safaris, guided wildlife safaris and adventure rides with Harley Davidson Motor Cycles, for groups of 8 – 20 people throughout Namibia with the occasional overspill to neighbouring countries.

Safaris offered are designed to accommodate people with a love for the outdoors, wildlife and a sense of adventure without having to rough it, as all safaris will make use of the comfort provided by fixed accommodations along the way.

The vast uninhabited space of Namibia is filled with free roaming wildlife with towns quite some distance apart, the ideal opportunity to explore off road in a 4x4 vehicle or by road, main and gravel, discovering its vast variety of terrain, geology and wildlife.

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Etosha National Park

Etosha National Park

Over the years the boundaries of the park were changed several times until 1956, when it extended over a vast 99 526km². Unfortunately the existence of what was effectively the largest Game reserve in the world was short-lived. By 1970, for p...

Myths & Legends

Lion Speed

So how fast is a lion really? Will a fast runner be able to outrun it when charging? Let me put it this way – where a top athlete will run the 100m in about 10 seconds, a lion will run it in roughly 4 seconds flat. A charge is seldom from a distance of 100 m, mostly from 20 – 30 m, that means he will reach you in more or less one second from 25 metres out! Can any human outrun it? Heavens no, but you don’t have to be faster than the lion – you only have to be faster than the slowest person in the group!

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